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Be engaging and relevant

January 27, 2014


Just about every retail expert states unequivocally that the days competing only on price, quality, and service are gone and that success in retail is now all about engagement. The question of what exactly is engagement however draws a myriad of explanations. Anthony Bucci, co-founder of says “Start with asking what interaction the consumer would want […]

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What’s mPOS All about…..A year later

May 28, 2013


Not much has changed, except that things have changed more rapidly mPOS fits two types of retailers, the first one is the retailer who is UnPOS’d, they don’t have a POS because it has been too expensive or their business needs something simple to use and simple to manage. These merchants want a way to run […]

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Use your payment processor to Evolve, Adapt and Engage!

April 27, 2013

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“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”  Charles Darwin On my LinkedIn profile, I proclaim, that  I am living at the confluence of retail, mobile, CRM and payments. I should add that so is every retailer in business today. It is […]

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Does your POS #SoLoMo

April 18, 2013


“The first rule of retailing: To sell people things, you first have to get them into the store!”  – Virginia Postrel – Bloomberg View Consumers depend more and more on their mobile device to help them find products, compare prices, and check reviews. Some of them do it from the store #Showrooming, but many of […]

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MSIB – What does it mean?

May 18, 2012


noun: 1: \ emes-eye-BEE \ 2: \EM-sib\ Definition: activities in a retail store by store associates and management that are undertaken to provide relevant information to consumers about products , creating a personalized shopping experience for the customer resulting in increased sales. Typically these targeted activities are enhanced by blending technology and experience: The relevant information […]

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What’s mPOS all about?

May 12, 2012


On April 25th Motorola put out an incredible survey about Mobile POS Study. Over 20 pages of data, it contained a lot of interesting statistics about Mobile POS and  the retail industry;  after I poured through the data for the fifth or sixth time,  I realized that part of the conflicting statistics was caused by the number […]

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(Retain + Acquire) x Engage = Formula for Successful Retailers!

May 2, 2012


You can’t be shocked, it’s 2012 and it’s the culture of retail, customers more than ever already know or easily discover everything they want to know about products they are looking to purchase, from review to the price they want to pay.   So SMB retailers need to implement the right formula for a successful business […]

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Retail Mobile Applications

January 30, 2012


Stop !  As a consumer I really do not want to download your mobile application, and I am pretty sure I will uninstall it as soon as I leave the store..well maybe not the Android or Zappo application, but pretty much nearly everyone else is headed the uninstall route as soon as I am done […]

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the future is now!

October 6, 2011


Imagine the possibilities! …

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point of sale to the point of interaction

October 3, 2011


A couple of days ago I found myself wondering what the store of the future would look like, and what kind of experience would consumers have in them. Undeniably retail stores are on the verge of taking a quantum leap forward in the ways they adopt technology, but what drives that leap and what will […]

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