Holiday Shoppers! Retailers will you be on their List?

September 25, 2012


You are about 2 months away from the biggest revenue opportunity of the year.  Is your retail business going to make the list of places that local shoppers will purchase products?  Let’s see, take this ShopLocal Test:  Search a product you carry, do you show up when a customer is looking for that product?   Wouldn’t you want to be included?  You should and retailcloud can get you noticed!  When these shoppers start out on their shopping adventure many of them will be armed with two things; their shopping list and their smart phones.  These lists will contain products ranging from Barbie’s, skateboards, video games, to red purses and the shopper will use their smart phone to search where they can purchase these products.


Retailcloud uses several different applications to feature your products to these potential shoppers. Including Ebay’s redlaser, which in a recent study showed that eBay’s RedLaser mobile strongly leads on adoption and has over three times the adoption of Amazon’s price check.  This same type of technology is used by main street retailers such as Target, Macy’s Best Buy, and Sears etc.

  • Gives your business an online presence with the likes of larger retailers as mentioned earlier.
  • Creates opportunity for new customers.
  • Increases foot-traffic into your store.

It’s never been easier or more affordable for smaller retailers to use technology that provides similar benefits to those used by larger retailers.  These features help attract and maintain your customer base, creating sales opportunities and running your overall business.  In fact,retailcloud gives smaller retailers an edge over larger retailers as they provide the opportunity to have the most current cutting edge, game changing solutions much earlier than larger retailers. Retailcloud also provides updates at no additional cost to the merchants.  Time to get on the List! – Get Started



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